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We specialized in the following commodities, tools, and industries:

Raw Materials Commodities:

  • CNC Screw Machine and Multiple Axis Machining 

  • Metal Stampings 

  • Die Castings 

Professional Tools

  • Thermo Set and Thermo Plastic Mould Tools 

  • Metal Stamping Dies (Progressive and Stage) 

  • Die Casting Molds


  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Electronics

  • Industrial

Commodities & Industries

CNC Machined Parts

Castings and Forging Tools

Platics and Metal Molds

Commodities and Capabilities

Setting the International Standard

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We offer industry-specific requirements, IATF1649:2016, and just-in-time delivery, to all our clients in the automotive industry.  Our precision screw machined parts and stampings are available in various raw material types and finishes.


Our team has years of experience in the aerospace field that requires a vast array of industry-specific requirements. All our manufacturing locations are AS9100D certified in machining and forging in various finishes and inspection requirements. 


We produce electronics industry-specific screw machined parts and stampings in multiple raw materials and finishes. All our manufacturing sites are ISO 9001:2015, APQP, SPC, IPQC, and AQL certified. 


We supply high-quality precision components to manufacturing facilities and assembly lines across the world. Leaders in the industrial world use our components to manufacture engines, gearboxes, vehicle bodies, and more. 

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